Wyrd (issue three) 2nd print

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A5 zine, 68 pages, full colour printing on recycled silk paper, perfect bound.

Publishing art and articles of contemporary shamanism, occult and high strangeness.

Release date New Moon 6th October 2021

Contents -

Will Wright - Inside Out: delving into the concept of boundaries, shamanism and the Elder Futhark. Illustrated by Brad Robert Benford

Magnus Stokoe - provides insight into his magickal practice over the last 18 months.

Will Wright - Talks about the meaning of his art toys the Grebo Gods, 21st century idolatry.

Claire Wyldheart - presents her doll photography of Hel and her encounter with the goddess.

Art by Christian Hauth

Mr Punch & Friends

Wyrd basics - Imagination as perception.

All slathered with art and more

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