Wyrd (issue two) 3rd print


A5 zine, 68 pages, full colour printing on recycled silk paper, perfect bound.

Publishing art and articles of contemporary shamanism, occult and high strangeness.

Release date February 2021


Futhark font by Will Wright. A Graffiti inspired rune font for the Elder Futhark.

Handrunes pt2 by Magnus Stokoe. More ideas and techniques for this finger magick.

Rave & Ritual by Will Wright. Dance, trance and the occult, explorations of past experiences and ideas for the future.

Visonary art of Tefnut by Claire Wyldheart. Devotional doll photography of the custom Barbie depicting the lioness headed deity encounter in trance.

Mr Punch & Friends. Further adventures of the Lord of Misrule and his folklore companions

Wyrd Basics: Exercise of Will

and more

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