Northern European Dwarf (Liberty Cap mushroom)


ORIGINAL TOY ART, THIS IS NOT A TOY! (10cm tall and 5cm wide)

This cheeky little character from folklore was sculpted to recall the denizens of mythology, 80s kids TV and contemporary custom toys. Hand sculpted by Jim Bidwell, resincast and painted, by Will Wright, this four inch resin figure is only one of twenty unique models in existence. No future castings will be the same.

'In Scandinavian mythology, dwarfs are considered to be chthonic creatures that dwell in the earth (or in mountains) and it may not be by chance that they pop up mysteriously and spontaneously in the stories, much like mushrooms do from time to time.' - Steven Leto (Magical Potions, Shaman's Drum issue 54)

All across the globe mushrooms appear as little folk, within indigenous shamanic traditions, as psychedelic spirit guides. Our rune clutching dwarf resembles the local 'Liberty Cap' (Psilocybe semilanceata), with references to Meso-American mushroom idols, and 'ugly' folk characters. His face is blue, depicting the effect of bruising on magic mushrooms, with rosy cheeks akin to the traditional guise of Mummers and a rude stuck out tongue.

Treasure your dwarf, name him and seat him in your home, whether that be desk, shelf or altar. Let the magick of the little folk into your life.